Early Alpaca Processing

TITAS SALT. 20-09-1803. - 29-12-1876
Sir Titas Salt born in Morley nr. Leeds was a manufacturer, politician and philanthropist in Bradford, West Riding, Yorkshire.
He married Caroline Whitlam in 1830, He was a member of the Liberal Party. He went to Batley Grammar School, then onto Heath School near Wakefield, After finishing school he worked for two years in his fathers business as a wool-stapler in Wakefield Daniel Salt and Son. The company used Russian dons koi wool which was as widely used at the time.
He tried to get the spinners to make worsted cloth, they were not interested to do this so he decided to set up as a spinner and manufacturer.
In 1836 Salt came upon some bales of Alpaca fibre in a warehouse in Liverpool, he took some samples away to experiment with, came back and bought the consignment.
He was not the first person in England to work with the fibre but he was the creator of the lustrous and fashionable cloth called 'alpaca '
It is reported that Queen Victoria owned alpacas and had dresses made from their fleeces making, Alpaca clothing very popular with the upper classes He then went on to build his famous mill and village of Saltaire.

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